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Photo meme

I 'borrowed' this meme from msofarc. I did tweak a couple questions 'cuz they weren't applicable to me ;)

1. What type of energy drink do you like?

2. What is the last musical artist you downloaded or added to your playlist?

3. What is the last movie you watched from start to finish?

4. If you could party with any celebrities, who would it be?

5. What type of food would you be happy to go for on a date?

6. What would be a good end to a perfect date?

7. What was the last type of beverage you consumed?

8. What was your favorite cartoon when you were little?

9. What brand of clothing do you like best?

10. Where is one place you want to travel?

11. Where is one of your favorite places to shop?

12. What was the last book or magazine you bought?

13. What haven't you had in a while, that you would like to?

14. What is something you don't mind a member of the opposite sex to have?

(In fact, I'd really really prefer it, lol...)

15. How do you feel about the current war that is going on?

16. What movie do you think you'll be watching next?

17. What dead celeb would you like to see?

18. Which dead celeb do you wish hadn't died?

19. What type of lotion do you use?

21. What is something you wear often?

22. What could you really go for right this second?

23. What is the last cartoon you can remember watching?

24. What is the last thing you wrote with?

25. What is the current location of your cellphone?

26. What was the last war movie you watched?

27. Who is your favorite athlete?

28. What state are you from?

29. What type of citrus fruit do you like?

30. What was the last type or fruit or veggie you consumed?

31. You're going on a fast food run, where are you headed?

32. What movie can usually always make you cry?

33. Who would you like to see show up at your door?
Alec Mazo from "Dancing With the Stars". Yum!!!

34. What are you going to do later?

35. Did you listen to music or watch tv last?

36. What makes you happy?

37. What did you do on Friday night?
Today is Friday. Last Friday I watched:

38. What did you recently buy?

39. What kind of car do you have?
Mine's even the same color as this one, but mine is only a 2-door.

40. What's a future dream of yours?



( 2 chants — crowd chant! )
Oct. 10th, 2008 10:26 pm (UTC)
Stealing! By the way, we are so much alike. It's scary. xD
Oct. 11th, 2008 07:15 pm (UTC)
LOL that is scary! ;) Can't wait to see yours!
( 2 chants — crowd chant! )

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