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Well, last night's episode was the most interesting so far, IMO. It's the first one I didn't get bored & start reading a magazine or doze off or wander aimlessly around the house, so that's a plus.

I love Brenda/Shannen and basically only watch the show to see her be all bitchy & fierce & made of awesome. Unfortunately, Brenda has been declawed :(. Can't Shannen slap around a few writers or producers or go all divalicious on their asses & get some life into this show? I know she's only signed on for 4 episodes (smart girl), but please!

*Ok, so besides Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth & Rob Estes are the only other reasons I even bother with this show anymore.

*I knew this update would never live up to my expectations since I floved 90210: Original Flavor, but Version 2.0 just bores me to tears. The kids are just so boring/dull/stupid (with the exception of Silver), I find myself yelling at the TV more than I should. Does this mean I'm getting old & don't "get" young people anymore? I'm not even 30!!! Argh!!!

*Can I please slap Annie? She is so milquetoast & spineless & in need of a sandwich. Ty/Ethan/Ty/Ethan/Ty blah blah blah blah. I laughed when Adrianna or whatever Druggie Ex-Child Star is called tricked her and made her cry.

*Ty is prettier than any of the girls on the show, except Shannen & Jennie.

*Speaking of pretty, what happened to George, the prick lacrosse player that tried to get Dixon kicked off the team? I only ask cause the actor that plays him, Kellan Lutz, is hella fine and if I had him to look at more than once a month, I might pay more attention to the show.

*Naomi looks older than her mother. And Lori Loughlin, Shannen & Jennie. Is this an ode to the obviously-older-than-all-the-other-"kids" Gabrielle Carteris from the original show?

*Speaking of Naomi, girl is STOOOPID. I know they're going for "poor little rich girl/mean girl who's just a hurting little girl" angle with her character, but GAH!!! I can't decide if she or Annie is dumber.

*Can we please give Jennie Garth something to do, other than be all Guidance Counselor-y? YAWN. And the English teacher pursuing her is YAWN. And now the mystery is gone since we know Dylan fathered Sammy. Why not bring Jennie's real life hella hot hubbie Peter Facinelli on the show to play her badboy-with-a-mysterious-secret love interest? He's not doing anything important between shooting "Twilight" movies.

*Do they seem to forget storylines or is it just me? Where is Silver staying now?

*I missed the Peach Pit last night :( And am I dreaming, or did I read they were going to shorten the name to The Pit? The sign still said "Peach Pit" when Dixon was working there last week. Not that it matters, just rambling...

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