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Disney icon praise.

You get a bonus post today!!! YAY!!!

I decided to put together a post of some of the pretty Disney icons being made by talented LJ iconmakers. All of these icons were made posted on LJ between June 2012 & now. I was going to organize the icons by movie and/or iconmaker, but it was time consuming enough just to put it together, so it's a bit of a mess. I was a bit bummed to discover that some of these iconmakers have deleted their LJs between the time I saved these icons & now. BUT there are still *LOADS* of wonderful icon artists out there!!!

Hopefully, you'll see something pretty you want to use in your userpics. If you have the time, be sure to check out the icon comms of these artists if you get a chance.

WARNING: VERY VERY image-heavy. There are a CRAPTON of icons behind the cut.

Also...I don't think there are any duplicates but I may have missed some. If I did, I apologize!!!

 photo lGOJ7-arctic_flower.png photo 18521347-vapor.png photo h4_demeter.png photo cNUr3NK-OLDFANCYSARAH.png photo azuremonkey_peterpan01.png

 photo e8IROQ9-OLDFANCYSARAH.png photo DIS_02-daxcat79-1.png photo wiz02-oresteia.png photo sietepecados-4.png photo raiindust-3.png

 photo petite_tomate-32.png photo q7B5j-CB_JANEY.png photo nAasD0t-PETITE_TOMATE-1.png photo moviefilmstills_13_MU-violateraindrop.png photo mergana.png

 photo margerydaw_s2-13.png photo magical-oresteia.png photo LRoOL-ALFIRI.png photo Disney18_Nupmetal.png photo dis-cin01-VAPOR.png

 photo Disney17_Nupmetal.png photo dis23-royal-cb_janey.png photo dis23-ac3-cb_janey.png photo appleindecay-dream-027-1.png photo AEMZy2D-PETITE_TOMATE.png
nupmetal//cb_janey x2//appleindecay//petite_tomate

 photo act09-oresteia.png photo act10-oresteia.png photo act08-oresteia.png photo 2524kk2-DANCELIES.png photo 9nZfA-PETITE_TOMATE.png
oresteia x3//dancelies//petite_tomate

 photo 0-nyaza.png photo _lemon182_lemonpunch-1.png photo _lemon181_lemonpunch.png photo _lemon180_lemonpunch.png photo wiz03-oresteia.png
nyaza//lemonpunch x3//oresteia

 photo ZWXro-naginis.png photo ZrzaX-bombottosa.gif photo ZQqKi-margerydaw_s2.png photo YvZU4-satinelight.png photo YVi2f-nouettes.png

 photo yjoOR-systematichabit.png photo wyl0e-fancifull.png photo wSIi3-erzsebet.png photo WmOc3-petite_tomate.png photo winnie01-vapor.png

 photo Week269_cool_spectrum.png photo wDvXB-petite_tomate.png photo W7zLf-raiindust.png photo w1b_paintedxwhisper.png photo vrBVz-petite_tomate.png

 photo vNVqw-raiindust.png photo vlU0n-naginis.png photo vipwS-jokermary.png photo VGaFm-raiindust.png photo varia_disneydolcerd08_015-adrastea.png

 photo varia_disneydolcerd08_008-adrastea.png photo uzilv-wildpages.png photo up003-burntheflaws.png photo untitled-wildalyss.png photo U5vv0-goreplz.png

 photo Tower1_zps6f4d3fba-xdreams_of_love.png photo tink-angelamaria.png photo tieBk1O-americangrl86.png photo theriverbend-fulminant.png photo tangled4_biliki.png

 photo tangled3_biliki.png photo tangled2_biliki.png photo tangled_biliki25.png photo tangled_biliki.png photo chp1_19-classicgirl1325.png
biliki x4//classicgirl1325

 photo chp1_18_1-classicgirl1325.png photo chp1_16-classicgirl1325.png photo tangled-sheeplover0104.png photo tangled46-paperdreamss.png photo tangled41-paperdreamss.png
classicgirl1325 x2//sheeplover//paperdreamss x2

 photo tangled38-paperdreamss.png photo tangled01-blackestbird.png photo snow_white_12-sjlnechnaia.png photo SNGQj-eotheod.png photo sleepingbeauty-alt-angelamaria.png

 photo sidequest2rogue2fairykirtash_girl.png photo s2ACt-simibacini.png photo RIVoS-petite_tomate.png photo rapthemirrorofsin.png photo Puce-ushitora_icons.png

 photo persuasion_art-2gufr0k.png photo os5fU-scoobyatemysnax.png photo originalCAJB43EL-alisea_dream.png photo original-alisea_dream.png photo original2-alisea_dream.png
persuasion_art//scoobyatemysnax//alisea_dream x3

 photo original1-alisea_dream.png photo OFZEo-deadwillwalk.png photo ofai3b-psychophant.png photo o31oz-spiderlin.png photo O6i9a-raiindust.png

 photo NqUPM-systematichabit.png photo NmKPP-erzsebet.png photo mxipY-naginis.png photo mulan01-blackestbird.png photo mq1-06-peppersaurus.png

 photo mm27-2a-spud66cat.png photo mm27-1B-spud66cat.png photo Mi9Y6-erzsebet.png photo mermaid007-burntheflaws.png photo mermaid002-burntheflaws.png
spud66cat x2//erzsebet//burntheflaws x2

 photo mbpyx3-eudoxis.png photo lVlK0-systematichabit.png photo lteNufX-petite_tomate.png photo lLDLJ-erzsebet.png photo lionking1-eudoxis.png

 photo Libra001-4-sheeplover.png photo Libra001-3-sheeplover0104.png photo leSvT-bombottosa.gif photo LaserLemon-ushitora_icons.png photo LAoLo-scoobyatemysnax.png
sheeplover x2//bombottosa//ushitora_icons//scoobyatemysnax

 photo L45IN-airymaze.png photo KzJ3i-erzsebet.png photo kUAdd-systematichabit.png photo KGhsX-raiindust.png photo K1Wwv-wildalyss.png

 photo i-T6Gbrzk-mimimouchi024.png photo inspredribbon-kirtash_girl.png photo IHewg-petite_tomate.png photo ICONRACE14-messdestruction.png photo ICONRACE12-messdestruction.png
mimimouchi//kirtash_girl//petite_tomate//messdestruction x2

 photo icon269-juanxyo.png photo icon263-juanxyo.png photo i-84wf7Vn-juanxyo.png photo i876yth-demeter.png photo i4Hqo-systematichabit.png
juanxyo x3//demeter//systematichabit

 photo hvGp6-systematichabit.png photo gwRfM-systematichabit.png photo hercules-angelamaria.png photo Gd88W-angelamaria.png photo gzJ6i-erzsebet.png
systematichabit x2//angelamaria x2//erzsebet

 photo FsJO7-systematichabit.png photo fn01-blackestbird.png photo FcKSB-eotheod.png photo elite_disney005-adrastea.png photo elite_disney002-adrastea.png
systematichabit//blackestbird//eotheod//adrastea x2

 photo eJqmf-fancifull.png photo eI8X0-val_valerie.png photo edLff-erzsebet.png photo dun8I-simibacini.png photo dR00O-erzsebet.png

 photo dolce023_zpsd1fe7efc-bordess.png photo dNrav-erzsebet.png photo dis-tlm01_zps659300e1-vapor.png photo disneydolcerd08_019-adrastea.png photo disneydolcerd08_016-adrastea.png
dolce//erzsebet//vapor//adrastea x2

 photo disneydolcerd08_005-adrastea.png photo Disney11_Nupmetal.png photo disney_sleepb2_zps66b2d37a-sjnechnaia.png photo disney_sleepb1_zpsc38a503d-sjlnechnaia.png photo disney_peterpan1_zpscfed7660-sjnechnaia.png
adrastea//nupmetal//sjlnechnaia x2

 photo disney_bambi1_zps49056e15-sjlnechnaia.png photo dis-cin01-vapor.png photo DIS_04ALT-daxcat79.png photo DIS_01ALT1-daxcat79.png photo ddKRi-petite_tomate.png
sjlnechnaia//vapor//daxcat79 x2//petite_tomate

 photo D9Kfl-raiindust.png photo d4a9C-erzsebet.png photo Czvma-erzsebet.png photo cm4Lr-twinstrike.png photo CJqJJ-raiindust.png
raiindust//erzsebet x2//adrastea//raiindust

 photo cinderella-angelamaria.png photo chacu_icons-dd-18-aristocats.png photo chacu_icons-dd-10-fath.png photo CH255-Borders_Frames_01-larmay.png photo CH254-Beginnings_03-larmay.png
angelamaria//chacusha x2//larmay x2

 photo ch94-4-color-nouettes.png photo ch94-1-first-revemagiques.png photo ch90-5-mods-nouettes.png photo c7NT8-jokermary.png photo bRIfv-eotheod.png

 photo blocking-demeter.png photo biliki01.png photo Bg1gC-raiindust.png photo bellem-fulminant.png photo belle30_blame.png

 photo belle03_blame.png photo bBUwD-petite_tomate.png photo battle11-paperdreamss.png photo Battle01_cool_spectrum.png photo bambi-angelamaria.png

 photo ATu4M-scoobyatemysnax.png photo aSmC7-eotheod.png photo AshGrey-ushitora_icons.png photo aiw02-blackestbird.png photo 42576879-systematichabit.png

 photo 12765514-systematichabit.png photo 11212009-earlydreams-at_glowingcolors.gif photo 7550235hero-aeris_eledhwen.png photo 6896173rogue-aeris_eledhwen.png photo 3578857-naginis.png
systematichabit//earlydreams//aeris_eledhwen x2//naginis

 photo 3578857CAHCWUK5-aubedelune.png photo 3578857CAE9PGDU-jessicajay22.png photo 3230212hero-aeris_eledhwen.png photo 573211_original-alisea_dream.png photo 570379_original-alisea_dream.png
petite_tomate//jessicajay22aeris_eledhwen//alisea_dream x2

 photo 445185_900-ariana_tithe.png photo 432050_900-ariana_tithe.png photo 430363_900-ariana_tithe.png photo 417670_original-an_ardent_rain.png photo 396588_original-an_ardent_rain.png
ariana_tithe x3//an_ardent_rain x2

 photo 394502_original-an_ardent_rain.png photo 391112_original-an_ardent_rain.png photo 213850_900-deadama.png photo 213589_900-deadama.png photo 185291_900-deadama.png
an_ardent_rain x2//deadama x3

 photo 600-raiindust.png photo 328_contrast_lion-king_hopeitallaway.png photo 303_zoomin_up_hopeitallaway.png photo 288_quest_aladdin_hopeitallaway.png photo 278_magical_aladdin_hopeitallaway.png
raiindust//hopeitallaway x4

 photo 159-secret_vision.png photo 157-secret_vision.png photo 146-secret_vision.png photo 143-secret_vision.png photo 30xFM-nouettes.png
secret_vision x4//nouettes

 photo 29z8xw4-wildalyss.png photo 29_zpsb2b06075-psychophant.png photo 25taj9h-spiderlin.png photo 20qo1u1-spiderlin.png photo 016-bombottosa.png
wildalyss//psychophant//spiderlin x2//bombottosa

 photo 9V17p-petite_tomate.png photo 9nxUO-systematichabit.png photo 8OTvK-systermatichabit.png photo 8jyCZ-angelamaria.png photo 8GnYc-erzsebet.png
petite_tomate//systematichabit x2//angelamaria//erzsebet

 photo 5pFIl-fancifull.png photo 5jSGS-wildalyss.png photo 5e7bl0-softfallen.png photo 4QxbU-nouettes.png photo 4Lnvh-erzsebet.png

 photo 4gCCz-systematichabit.png photo 4dEaV_dashberlin.png photo 3EJVJEU-likealight.png photo 03-systematichabit.png photo 2meqonm-softfallen.png

 photo 2Ch4x-systematichabit.png photo 1ump0-systematichabit.png photo 01wildalyss.png photo 01_emharri.png photo 02_emharri.png
systematichabit x2//wildalyss//rizbef x2

 photo 0zV8i-systematichabit.png photo 0p77G-erzsebet.png photo WX5OYAq-PETITE_TOMATE.png photo vybLXDM-FANCIFULL.png photo Untitled-31_orangelusik.png

 photo the7days20-6_calrissian18.png photo tashbattle5-justmyb0nes.png photo tangled-angelamaria.png photo Tangled-05-MYSTICAL_TOUCH.png photo T788aJD-PETITE_TOMATE.png

 photo Sp4w9tw-PAPERDREAMSS.png photo sNf4YK4-DASHBERLIN.png photo sleepingbeautyfulminant.png photo rosetta6a_zps12b57148-JESSICAJAY22.png photo rosetta1a_JESSICAJAY22.png
paperdreamss//dashberlin//fulminant//jessicajay22 x2

 photo RBfxz67-DASHBERLIN.png photo raiindust4.png photo QeLwMZt-PETITE_TOMATE.png photo PPSdEDM-PETITE_TOMATE.png photo pocahontasfulminant.png
dashberlin//raiindust//petite_tomate x2//fulminant

 photo pamkips__mulan3.png photo NGoHegB-PETITE_TOMATE.png photo nAasD0t-PETITE_TOMATE.png photo lteNufX-PETITE_TOMATE.png photo n9yKr9W-PAPERDREAMSS.png
pamkips//petite_tomate x3//paperdreamss

 photo lPOU2oJ-messdestruction.png photo KrOdOCe-FANCIFULL.png photo jyHyFKs-POINTBLANKDARCY.png photo juYBBs6-MARGERYDAW_S2.png photo jan_sleepingbeauty-WANDERERJULIA.png

 photo J8Lk0-MARGERYDAW_S2.png photo IZnQ26p-FANCIFULL.png photo INfDCBE-DASHBERLIN.png photo iconquestlionking_SCHRYOSEL.png photo GvnfWxo-AMERICANGRL69.png

 photo fulminant-12.png photo elli-1.png photo elite2_SIETEPECADOS.png photo dumbo-angelamaria.png photo dis-sb01-vapor.png

 photo Disney_SIETEPECADOS.png photo disney2_SIETEPECADOS.png photo Cat4_SIETEPECADOS.png photo disney01c_zps8d3e98ed-mark_pierre.png photo disney01a_zpsc0884df2-mark_pierre.png
sietepecados x3//mark_pierre x2

 photo aladdin-angelamaria.png photo AC3_SIETEPECADOS.png photo 940716_600-SHIIMMERS.png photo 311520_original-wondering.png photo 309139_original-wondering.png
angelamaria//sietepecados//shimmers//wondering x2

 photo 113209_SCHRYOSEL.png photo 112944_SCHRYOSEL.png photo 107443_SCHRYOSEL.png photo 1120_900-ANDREESHA.png photo 386_JUANXYO.png
schryosel x3//andreesha//juanxyo

 photo 377_JUANXYO.png photo 13_zps504d00a6-watching_ghosts.png photo 8ECXybz-AMERICANGRL69.png photo 5_SIETEPECADOS.png photo 4_SIETEPECADOS.png
juanxyo//watching_ghosts//americangrl69//sietepecados x2

 photo 3LibrhF-RAIINDUST.png photo 1W7SeCc-PAPERDREAMSS.png photo 01vapor.png photo 1_SIETEPECADOS.png photo 1-3-quest108-ALFIRI.png

 photo 1-2-quest407-ALFIRI.png photo 0NGYgOd-FANCIFULL.png photo XbBmD-realproof.png photo wikid012-wikidwitch.jpg photo wikid004-wikidwitch.jpg
alfiri//fancifull//realproof//wikidwitch x2

 photo iq1-204-wikidwitch.jpg photo iq1-224-wikidwitch.jpg photo iq1-206-wikidwitch.jpg photo iq1-201-wikidwitch.jpg photo total_icontest221-1alt-calrissian18.jpg
wikidwitch x4//wellhalesbells

 photo iq1-118-wikidwitch.jpg photo iq1-115-wikidwitch.jpg photo iq1-114-wikidwitch.jpg photo iq1-104-wikidwitch.jpg photo iq1-112-wikidwitch.jpg
wikidwitch x5

 photo iq1-101-wikidwitch.jpg photo 2352945-nasirah.jpg photo tangled001-burntheflaws.png photo RZhPg-arctic_flower.png photo dis-las01-vapor.png

Flist, feel free to share your favorite Disney icons in comments.
Or just reply to this post with a "hi" and use your favorite Disney icon as your userpic for that comment.

 photo tumblr_mk3pztDG7s1s1ab3to1_500.gif


( 22 chants — crowd chant! )
Jun. 24th, 2013 06:03 pm (UTC)
So many good icons! I use a few of these and saved quite a few as well. It's hard to pick favorites, but I'll pick 5 from my icons that I really like.

The icon I used for this comment is one of my favorites.


made by chacu_icons


made by stormfronticons


made by accioic0ns


made by wonder_beauty


made by virsaviya_works
Jun. 24th, 2013 07:26 pm (UTC)
Ooooh, those are all so pretty & shiny! The colors on the Ursula & Ariel ones is so crisp. I like them all...makes me wish I had unlimited userpic space ;)
Jun. 24th, 2013 08:30 pm (UTC)
These are so beautiful! Snagged a whole bunch. I was severely lacking in Mulan and Sleeping Beauty icons.
Jun. 24th, 2013 08:40 pm (UTC)
Aww, your Robin Hood icon is so cute! Glad you found some you liked :D
Jun. 24th, 2013 09:56 pm (UTC)
Ahhh, so pretty!
Jun. 25th, 2013 03:30 pm (UTC)
Disney icons make me want to learn how to make icons.
Jun. 24th, 2013 10:14 pm (UTC)
This one is by princessbloomy
Jun. 25th, 2013 03:33 pm (UTC)
That's an awesome icon. princessbloomy is one of my favorite icon makers...I wanted to include her in this post but I couldn't find any Disney icons in her posts from the past year I very nearly cheated in order to include her lol :(
Jun. 24th, 2013 11:00 pm (UTC)
<< this one by juanxyo. and thank you for including one of my icons :)))

Jun. 25th, 2013 03:42 pm (UTC)
That’s such a pretty, vibrant icon. I wasn’t familiar with juanxyo’s work until putting this post together. And you’re very welcome…I *LOVE* the coloring & texture use (and the subject!) of that icon.
Jun. 27th, 2013 12:15 am (UTC)
Aw, thank you :)
Jun. 25th, 2013 01:11 am (UTC)
I could probably kill an elk with the collection of Disney LJ icons I have (all organized by movie, and then character) and I don't think I could even begin to pick a favorite... Had to bring Hipster Ariel to this party though, because the Hipster Disney Princess icons are HILARIOUS.
Jun. 25th, 2013 03:45 pm (UTC)
Wow, I wish I could be that organized! You should see my messy icon albums in photobucket...wait, no, on second thought, you shouldn't ;)

Those hipster icons are sooooo funny.
Jun. 26th, 2013 07:41 pm (UTC)
Well, when I first got on LJ in high school was right around the time my OCD started acting up, so I was like ORGANIZE EVERYTHING. Then, as my collection grew at an alarming rate, I had it all ready to go.

I saved a whole bunch of them, but the Ariel ones always seem to be the funniest. BTW, how do you get them in a big table like the one in your post?
Jun. 26th, 2013 08:30 pm (UTC)
BTW, how do you get them in a big table like the one in your post?
I just uploaded them all to a photobucket album, selected 5 at a time & hit the link button so I could get the html for all 5 images @ once and then copy/pasted. I did that FOR EVERY SINGLE LINE OF ICONS lol. Oh, and I just used the center html to get them lined up all nice & neat. It took longer than I'd care to admit! ;)
Jun. 27th, 2013 02:08 am (UTC)
Woooooow! That's a lot of dedication, and I am impressed. It looks really great.
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 25th, 2013 03:48 pm (UTC)
Awesome, glad you liked them! That icon you're using is toooo adorable. (I would be embarrassed to admit how long this post took lol.)
Jun. 25th, 2013 02:39 am (UTC)
I think I need to bookmark this and come back once I have had an appropriate amount of sleep.
Jun. 25th, 2013 02:57 am (UTC)
Damn, this post is making me wish I had more icon space. SO MANY DISNEY ICOOOOONS! I just refuse to give LJ any more of my money.

I'm going to put this entry in my memories, though, 'cause I reaaaally like most of these icons.
Jun. 25th, 2013 02:59 am (UTC)
I don't think I currently have a Disney icon in my stash but lemme just say that Belle is HBIC. YA KNOW WHAT IM SAYIN? lol

[It's late and I'm sleepy forgive me lol]
Jun. 25th, 2013 02:26 pm (UTC)
LOL no prob ;) There are so many pretty Belle icons out there. I really need to get around to watching Beauty & the Beast...
Jun. 25th, 2013 06:50 am (UTC)
( 22 chants — crowd chant! )

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