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20 Random Facts About Sally-Anne Perks

Title: 20 Random Facts about Sally-Anne Perks

Author: amyofaquitaine

Rating: PG, just to be on the safe side.

Warning(s): None

Disclaimer: I'll put JKR's toys back in their boxes when I'm finished with them. Unbeta'd.

Author's Note(s) Written for Harry Potter Random Facts Fest, hosted by iulia_linnea, but not submitted because I'm a chicken I've just started writing again after almost three years, so I'm still trying to revive my Muse. When I get back into the swing of things, maybe I'll even post a fic where someone will read it! :) I'm not 100% happy with this list; it started out well, but I'm not so sure about the finished product.

1. Sally-Anne is terminally shy. She can go days without speaking to anyone. As a result, people tend to forget about her and often don’t even notice when she's right in front of them.

2. Contrary to popular belief, Sally-Anne did not transfer from Hogwarts between her first & fifth years. Professor Flitwick just forgot to call her name between "Patil, Parvati" & "Potter, Harry" when it was time for them to take the practical portion of their Charms examination for OWLs.

3. She feels she is completely average in every way: average grades, rather plain looks, middle-class upbringing. Strangely, she never takes into consideration the fact that she's a witch from a Muggle family.

4. But that is probably because her two older siblings are also magical. Her brother, John Robert, is a Chaser for the Pride of Portree. Her sister, Peggy Sue, is a Seer of some renown who does readings for love-lorn witches & wizards on her program on the WWNN and writes a popular column for Witch Weekly.

5. (What Sally-Anne doesn't know is that she is not actually Muggle-born. Both of her parents are Squibs. She's never met any of her grandparents or aunts or uncles because her parents were both treated very poorly by their respective families when neither received a Hogwarts letter. They both left home after turning of-age and got menial jobs in the Wizarding world; her father washed dishes at the Leaky Cauldron, her mother was a chamber maid. After marrying, they set up house in a Muggle neighborhood and her father was able to get a job at a department store; he's now the store manager. None of their children know their parents' backgrounds.)

6. Sally-Anne thinks the Hufflepuff qualities of friendship and loyalty are lies. Oh, Susan & Hannah are nice enough to her, only because they've all shared a dorm room for six years and are aware that she probably knows many of their secrets, but she wouldn't call them her friends.

7. It took the sorting hat less than 30 seconds to place her in Hufflepuff. The rest of the school didn't seem to notice her make her way to the Hufflepuff table, as Professor McGonagall called Harry Potter's name the moment Sally-Anne had vacated the stool and all eyes in the Great Hall were on him.

8. Sally-Anne checks her reflection in every shiny object she finds: the back of her breakfast spoon, the windows of the greenhouses, a Galleon in her skirt pocket, the lake. It's not out of vanity. She just wants to make sure she's not as invisible as she feels.

9. Being virtually invisible does, on the rarest of occasions, have its advantages. Any other girl wouldn't have been able to stand in the shadows cast by a row of bookshelves in the quietest corner of the library and watch Dean Thomas & Seamus Finnigan snogging, each with a hand down the other's pants.

10. Sally-Anne has a very vivid imagination. During first & second year, she dreamed up elaborate, dramatic scenarios that would make the whole school notice her. Starting in third year, her fantasies took on a more sexual nature. By sixth year, some of her more adventurous thoughts made her blush. In her daydreams, she's been debauched in nearly every corner of the school grounds by nearly every boy in her year, from Harry Potter to Draco Malfoy.

11. She's had a crush on Draco Malfoy for ages. Oh, she knows of his hatred of Mudbloods and that he's probably insulted by her mere existence, but she has a weakness for bad boys.

12. Although lately, the blond Slytherin had been replaced in her daydreams by a tall, black Gryffindor and his sandy-haired Irish dorm mate.

13. Sally-Anne sneaks down to the kitchens whenever she's feeling particularly lonely. A half-dozen cauldron cakes fresh from the oven and the attentive house elves always make her feel better.

14. When the basilisk was terrorizing Hogwarts during her second year, she used to pray nightly that the beast would come after her. She was convinced that hordes of students would stand vigil by her bed in the hospital wing until the Mandrake Potion was ready to revive her. Once she was awake, her schoolmates would fall over themselves in their haste to apologize for ignoring her and no one would ever overlook her again.

15. Sally-Anne has only ever raised her hand once in class. It was fifth year, during Care of Magical Creatures. She could see the reptilian-like horses that Hagrid called Thestrals.

16. Sally-Anne saves her most prized possessions in a cigar box in the bottom of her trunk. It contains her Hogwarts letter, a photo of her parents, a piece of spare parchment signed by Viktor Krum and a very expensive eagle feather quill Draco Malfoy dropped outside of Transfiguration fourth year.

17. She still doesn't know how she worked up the nerve to approach Viktor Krum for his autograph. She was sitting in the library doing her Charms homework one moment, and the next she was shyly sliding the scrap of parchment towards him. He didn't even look at her as he handed it back, and only acknowledged her mumbled thanks with a grunt.

18. Professor Moody scared the bloody daylights out of Sally-Anne. The first day of fourth year, after he'd demonstrated the Unforgivable Curses on some unsuspecting spiders, she glanced up from the parchment on which she'd been copying down the day's homework to find Moody's spinning eye staring straight at her. She gulped and looked back down at her parchment, sure that the magical eye could see inside her mind (which had been drifting towards a particularly steamy dream she'd had the night before, involving a naked Cedric Diggory, gillywater, the thick rug in front of the fireplace in the Hufflepuff Common Room and Sally-Anne's eager tongue). When she finally worked up the courage to steal a glance in the professor's direction, she saw him smirking and seemingly try to suppress a chuckle. She skivved off her next two Defense Against the Dark Arts classes.

19. Believing herself to be Muggle-born, she's quite perplexed by the fact that Seer blood seems to run in the family. Unlike her sister, whose Inner Eye is attuned to the love lives of her followers, Sally-Anne has visions that are much darker. She keeps these glimpses of the future to herself and makes up things in Divination class, just like everyone else.

20. Besides, she's quite sure not even Professor Trelawney would believe if Sally-Anne told her about the visions she's had of Professor Dumbledore's broken body lying at the foot of the Astronomy Tower or the school in ruins with the bodies of the dead lined up on the floor of the Great Hall.


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Mar. 13th, 2009 02:40 am (UTC)
In a school as big as Hogwarts, it makes sense that someone would be invisible. I like how she watched Dean & Seamus groping each other and that she was freaked out by Moody. It's ironic and kind of funny that she had visions of Dumbledore's death and the last battle.
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