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"Speed Dating" meme.

Found this meme on a random blog. It's supposedly a list of questions commonly used @ those speed dating ~things~.

1. What's your favorite Dr. Seuss book?
Green Eggs & Ham

2. If you could live in any home on a television series, what would it be?
the Cosby's house

3. What's the longest you've gone without sleep?
IDK 48 hours?

4. What's your favorite Barry Manilow song?
"It's a Miracle"

5. Who's your favorite Muppet?

6. What's the habit you're proudest of breaking?
Not paying my bills until the day they're due & buying shitloads of magazines and junk all the time.

7. What's your favorite website?
Livejournal, I guess. Though it's not nearly as fun as it used to be since everyone left.

8. What's your favorite school supply?
crayons/colored pencils

9. Who's your favorite TV attorney?
Matlock lol

10. What was your most recent trip of more than 50 miles?
IDK, probably Indy last summer. (It's like exactly 50 miles to the Komets games.)

11. What's the best bargain you've ever found at a garage sale or junk shop?
GROSS. I don't do garage sales or junk shops, they skeeve me out. I do enjoy antique malls, though (there *is* a difference). I got a dozen antique lobby cards of one of the Little Rascals (I collect their stuff) for $50 which is quite low seeing as this set is very ~rare~.

12. Where were you on September 11, 2001?

13. What's your favorite tree?
weeping willow

14. What's the most interesting biography you've read?
John Dillinger

15. What do you order when you eat Chinese food?
I don't. This is probably TMI, but Chinese food literally makes me projectile vomit for some reason.

16. What's the best costume you've ever worn?

17. What's your least favorite word?

18. If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?
(North) Carolina

19. Who's your favorite bear?

20. Describe something that's happened to you for which you have no explanation.
Weird stuff always happens in my parents' house. Stuff comes up missing & then shows up someplace unexpected. You can hear 'someone' walking up & down the stairs or across the upstairs bedroom floors when there's no one up there. And I saw...things.

21. If you could travel anywhere in Africa, where would it be?

22. What did you have for lunch yesterday?

23. Where do you go for advice?
I try to figure shit out myself.

24. Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus?

25. Have you ever been snorkeling? Scuba diving?
no to both

26. Have you ever been stung by a bee?
many, many times

27. What's the sickest you've ever been?
Crohn's flares are really bad. Before I had my large intestine/colon removed, I lost 50 lbs in a month, was severely anemic, passed out a lot & had ~extreme~ cases of the other symptoms that go along with Crohn's.

28. What's your favorite form of exercise?

29. What's your favorite Cyndi Lauper song?
"Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun"

30. What did you do for your 13th birthday?
probably just had cake & ice cream with my family

31. Are you afraid of heights?

32. Have you ever taken dance lessons?

33. What's your favorite newspaper?
Fort Wayne News-Sentinel

34. What's your favorite Broadway / West End musical?
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

35. What's the most memorable class you've ever taken?
Religion & Rituals in Ancient Greece

36. What's your favorite knock-knock joke?
Who’s there?
Adore who?
Adore stands between us, open up!

37. What's your least favorite commercial?
Those tampon commercials where that woman always shows up with a wrapped present that says "monthly gift" on it. I HOPE THAT THE PERSON THAT CAME UP WITH THOSE GOT FIRED. OH! And those ~natural male enhancement~ commercials with Bob.

38. If you could go to Disney World with any celebrity alive today, who would it be?
Johnny Depp. C'mon, the *real* Jack Sparrow, how could that not be awesome?!?

39. Do you prefer baths or showers?

40. What's your favourite newspaper comic strip?
Peanuts/Garfield/Pearls Before Swine

41. What's your favorite breakfast food?
sausage gravy & biscuits

42. Who's your favarite game show host?
Gene Rayburn. The only game show I really like is old-school Match Game.

43. If you could have a super power, what would it be?

44. Do you like guacamole?

45. Have you ever been in a food fight?

46. Name five songs to which you know all the lyrics.
"Eleanor Rigby"--The Beatles
"Something"--The Beatles
"Help!"--The Beatles (see a pattern? LOL)
"Welcome to the Jungle"--Guns & Roses
"We Didn't Start the Fire"--Billy Joel (no joke)

47. What's your favorite infomercial?
I like the ones for the CD collections where they show all the clips of groups from the 60s & 70s singing their songs. I always wondered what some of those people looked like (and I love that type of music lol).

48. What's the longest you've ever waited in line?
3 hours

49. What's on the cover of your address book or day planner?
don't have one

50. Have you ever taken a picture in one of those little booths?
when I was like 13



( 6 chants — crowd chant! )
May. 31st, 2010 07:01 am (UTC)
What's your favorite tree?
weeping willow

I ♥ you.

46. Name five songs to which you know all the lyrics.
"We Didn't Start the Fire"--Billy Joel (no joke)

I was obsessed with that song when I was 7. I listened to it everyday, at least 5 times. I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3
May. 31st, 2010 09:39 pm (UTC)
I've always been bummed to never have lived in a house with a weeping willow. They're like ~romantical~ & melancoly & stuff ♥

THAT SONG IS THE SHIT. How awesomely hysterical would it be if someone tried to sing that on Idol lolololol?
Jun. 3rd, 2010 08:20 am (UTC)
I've never known anyone to say such ~nice~ things about a weeping willow. So i got entirely too excited when I saw that XD But I wuv them, they seem lonely to me and i'm a weirdo and i love things like that.

If someone tried to sing that on Idol and i heard about it, i would go kick some ass and bring a shovel, no one touches that song, kay? lolol.
Jun. 3rd, 2010 01:35 pm (UTC)
And I always thought a weeping willow would be nice to lie under & read a book. If it wasn't too hot out. I don't deal well @ all with "hot" or "humid" or "sunlight" (seriously, I was in the sunlight a grand total of maybe 5 minutes the other day & GOT BURNT...my meds make my skin ~*~sensitive~*~ lol).

The judges would CRUCIFY anyone who dared attempt that song. They wouldn't understand all the "hard words" lololol ;P


Jun. 7th, 2010 01:04 am (UTC)
It would! omg, i'm gonna do that one day, i swear. Reading outside when it's just right is the best thing ever. Eww, it's been humid here the last couple of days... i don't even know what to do. IT'S NEVER BEEN HUMID THE WHOLE TIME I'VE LIVED HERE. It's always "dry". Humidity... oh texas XD. (Ugh... that makes me not wanna find out how i would be. my skin is already super-sensitive [tis why i'm pale pale pale. me/my skin and sun are mortal enemies]. But urgh, i know how that goes D: lol.)

A crucifixion would be suitable in that case XD

Jun. 7th, 2010 02:54 am (UTC)
It's been rainy & stormy & HOTTTT (not the good kind) the last few days & the storms kept me up most of the night last night, but IT FINALLY COOLED OFF & ISN'T HUMID ANYMORE. The temps are only supposed to be in the 70s this week, I can soooo handle that. I wish it were like that all summer long.
( 6 chants — crowd chant! )

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