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I've just finished re-reading Eclipse. My opinion of it hasn't changed. I still like it infinitely more than I did New Moon (more Edward!), and I still think Bella has been dumbed-down. Oh, and of course, still *MUCH HATE* for Jacob.

My re-read of Eclipse took place in the middle of my re-read of the Harry Potter series. I'm up to OotP. Ever since OotP was released a few years back, I've only re-read the preceding book before the new release (for GoF and all before, I re-read the entire series up to that point before the release date). This is my first time reading through the ENTIRE series. I just read the chapter in OotP where Sirius dies. Still makes me cry. (Even more than Sirius' actual death, the scene where Harry trashes Dumbledore's office and the conversation between he & Harry rips me apart. I'm still pissed at the filmmakers for leaving this part out of the movie; I think it would have packed an emotional wallop that was sorely needed.) 

I really need to get moving on the HP re-read, I have a *TON* of books stacked in the corner, calling my name...Heart-Shaped Box, You Suck: A Love Story, Heartsick, The Observations, The Penelopiad, a bunch of Fables graphic novels, The Monsters, The Book Thief, What In the Dickens, Son of a Witch, Eric Clapton's new autobiography, The Dead Fathers Club, Holmes On the Range, The Mercy of Thin Air and a lot more I know I'm forgetting. If I didn't have to have a job, this wouldn't be a problem!! ;)

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