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*deep breath*

Sooo....I think I'm going to start writing again. Fiction, I mean (fan-fiction, to be exact). It's been a few years since I've even tried to write anything, and I've never written anything HP-related. This should be interesting *LOLZ* Methinks drabbles will be the safest place to start...

I've found myself thinking a lot about the kids that were left behind @ Hogwarts during The Deathly Hallows. The part when Neville tells the Trio what they'd been enduring was one of the toughest passages for me to get through. I, like Harry, couldn't decide if I was more aghast at what had been done to them or the matter-of-fact way Neville talked about it. *squishy hugs for Neville*

(NOTE: I'm still trying to work my way through my thoughts on Snape. He promised Dumbledore to do everything in his power--or something to that effect--to protect the students, but he did NOTHING. Well, other than sending Ginny/Neville/Luna to spend detention with Hagrid, which was kind. Surely he could've done SOMETHING. I mean, the man was a skilled enough Legilimens that he could fool freaking Voldemort into thinking Snape was a spy for the DE's, he surely could've saved the kids some pain without tipping off the moronic Carrows at the same time, Y/N?)

I'm also intrigued by some of the minor Hogwarts students and want to try my hand at fleshing out their stories. Terry Boot & Theodore Nott, to be exact. (I would add Blaise Zabini to that list...what a name!...but I've read so much fanfic I didn't care for about him that it's sort of ruined my vision of him.) Terry kept getting more & more mentions as the books went on, but then....NOTHING. And Nott has such promise, based on what JKR said about him on her site. I was hoping he'd be a 'redeemed Slytherin' or something like that. 

I don't see myself writing about the Trio...or Ginny or George (although I love him) or Neville or Draco. At least not yet. If my Muse comes back, and all goes well...maybe someday. But for now, I'm going to start small: Terry, Theodore, Seamus, maybe Dean, Susan Bones, Demelza Robins, Katie Bell. I'd love to SOMETHING with the hand-holding between Dean & Luna, but I don't know if I could write Luna...she's such a PERFECT character. (I was hoping for her to get with Neville, but after reading DH, I wanted her with Dean...so disappointed to read the Bloomsbury chat where JKR says she gets with Newt Scalamander's grandson...)

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